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Property Scale Geology

  • Underlain by early Proterozoic metavolcanic and metasedimentary rocks which are intruded by ultramafic to diorite sills. This is believed to be related to the Contact Lake intrusion adjacent to deposit (Livingstone & Christian, 2017)
  • Rocks in this area have been subjected to at least two folding events and are upper greenschist to lower amphibolite in metamorphic grade
  • Diorite is the host rock in most of the zones within the deposit, ranging compositionally from quartz diorite to gabbro, but no correlation is seen between these phases and mineralization (Livingstone & Christian, 2017)

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Ownership Overview

MAS Gold Corp. 100% Owned Properties occupy key positions at the transition between the La Ronge Domain and Kisseynew Domain. MAS Gold Corp has been active in La Ronge Gold Belt since 1990’s. Total MAS Gold Corp holdings: 33, 843 hectares (83, 628 acres). All properties are 100% owned.