Henry Lake Property

Property scale geology

  • The Henry Lake property is underlain by intercalated metavolcanic and metasedimentary units of mid-amphibolite grade along with felsic intrusive rocks attributed to the La Ronge domain; commonly cross-cut by felsic-poprhyry dykes (Golden Band Resources Inc., 1995.)
  • Up to four phases of regional deformation are present with locally mylonitic rocks close to the La Ronge-Kisseynew Domain contact which straddles the southeastern property boundary. Deformed rocks tend to be prospective for gold mineralization due to dilation allowing for greater fluid flow through the rock and an increased frequency of quartz veins (Maxeiner, 1996.)
  • Only low-resolution mapping has been carried out on the property and much of the geology and mineralization potential of the property is open. Linking the geological story between each gold showing will offer an excellent chance of a new discovery.


Property Information

Mineralization Highlights

ShowingSample TypeAu Lithology
Henry Lake CHIP65.1 g/t /12.7cm Py-Po-Au in quartz vein hosted in intermediate volcanic rocks
CHIP41.8 g/t/ 10.2cm
GRAB41.6 g/t
GRAB0.7 g/tPo-Calc silicate layers
DD CORE0.504 g/t/ 1.0mHbl-Bt Gneiss
DD CORE1.50 g/t/ 1.0mHbl-Bt-Gnt Gneiss
HanGRAB6334 ppbQuartz-vein hosted in sheared mafic tuff.
GRAB4733 ppbQuartz-vein hosted in sheared mafic tuff.
GRAB5388 ppbQuartz-vein hosted in sheared mafic tuff.
GRAB6599 ppbQuartz-vein hosted in sheared mafic tuff.
CHIP2580 ppb/ 0.65mQuartz-vein hosted in sheared mafic tuff.
ShepherdGRAB445 ppbPyroxenite
GRAB183 ppbPy-Stringers hosted in Iron Formation

Completed Work (MAS)

Future Work / Plans

Ownership Overview

MAS Gold Corp. 100% Owned Properties occupy key positions at the transition between the La Ronge Domain and Kisseynew Domain. MAS Gold Corp has been active in La Ronge Gold Belt since 1990’s. Total MAS Gold Corp holdings: 33, 843 hectares (83, 628 acres). All properties are 100% owned.