MAS Gold Projects Overview

Our initial goal is to develop over one million ounces of gold resources, by upgrading and consolidating established resources from our portfolio properties located in the geologically potent La Ronge Gold Belt, in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Highly prospective and advanced properties were acquired that were accessible from existing road networks and close to all infrastructure.

The province of Saskatchewan offers a mining friendly jurisdiction and supportive local communities. 

Mas Gold Corp. currently holds 4 prosperous properties within the La Ronge, Kisseynew, Glennie and Rottenstone domains comprising 35175.607 Ha over 24 claims. These properties are located in and around the historically established La Ronge gold-bearing belt. MAS Gold’s La Ronge area projects are focused around Proterozoic age island arc volcanic, back arc volcano-sedimentary and ophiolitic assemblages and associated intrusive complexes within the Reindeer Zone of the Trans-Hudson Orogeny.
Since the 1940s, exploration there has outlined numerous gold deposits and showings, including such past producers as the Komis, Jolu, Star Lake, Contact Lake, Roy Lloyd, Golden Heart and Jasper mines. With the recent acquisition of Contact Lake Deposit, Mas Gold Corp. now owns one of those historic gold endowments and plans to prove more can be found in this region through further exploration at deposits like North Lake and Greywacke.

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Why La Ronge Gold Belt?

Excerpt from the article about Ron Netolitzky from February/March 2020 issue of the Resource World Magazine. 

“I consider the La Ronge gold belt and a lot of Saskatchewan to be very perspective. The section, in which we are working with MAS Gold, is part of the Lower Proterozoic Trans Hudsonian Orogeny, specifically domains of island arc and sedimentary basin rocks that have been folded and re-folded, faulted and highly metamorphosed.”

“What is most interesting, they resemble the kind of setting that we see in West Africa, where the Lower Proterozoic belts are considered very prospective for gold.”

Ron Netolitzky, Executive Chairman

Active Properties


Objective: Upgrading the resource classifications and extending the resource to depth at Greywacke North, and exploration on the Lyons and Greywacke south zones

Preview North

Objective: Upgrading the resource classification and testing resource extension to depth and to north

Contact Lake

Objective: Significant underground development remains at the site of the Contact Lake Mine that could be reconditioned

Potential Properties

Elizabeth Lake

Henry Lake