Elizabeth Lake Property



Elizabeth Lake core from 1970 Uranium Valley Mining Ltd. drill hole UV-5 (historical sample 7641; 118.8m - 120.2m: 2.03% Cu, 0.6 oz/ton Ag)

MAS Gold has recently engaged Axiom Exploration to assist in the preliminary evaluation or its 100% held Elizabeth Lake Property and the historically drill-outlined copper-zinc-silver±gold volcanic massive sulphide (VMS) deposit located in Glennie Domain rocks. The Elizabeth Lake copper-silver property comprises four claims totaling 3,553 hectares (including 3 legacy claims) located 24 km north-northwest of the town of La Ronge.

The Axiom field crew will re-examine and re-sample select sections from the full set of 1960’s and 1970’s Elizabeth Lake core preserved in the Precambrian Core Library in La Ronge, Saskatchewan. In addition, Axiom geophysical staff are re-processing 2012 VTEM data flown over the property for possible, previously overlooked targets.

The Elizabeth Lake deposit is a partly remobilized, largely sediment-hosted copper-zinc-silver±gold volcanic massive sulphide deposit hosted within the same belt of Paleoproterozoic Glennie Domain rocks that host the historical Anglo-Rouyn copper-zinc mine (production from 1966 to 1972) located 23 km to the east. Mineralization at Elizabeth Lake includes sulphides of probably syngenetic origin and associated hydrothermal veins.

Since it was first prospected in 1967, the North and South Zones of the Elizabeth Lake copper-silver deposit have been outlined by 36 core drill holes totaling 10,147 metres (Noranda Mines Ltd. 1968-9: 21 holes; Canadian Nickel Company Limited 1969: 4 holes; Uranium Valley Mines Ltd. 1970: 13 holes).